4 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

Posted on February 21st, 2020

4 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

4 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

Anyone who runs a business in Mobile, AL already knows that there’s much hard work involved to make an honest dollar. Unfortunately, some people are more interested in reaping the benefits of other’s hard work and stealing what has been rightfully earned.

That’s why if you have a business with a physical space here in Mobile, AL, you should always think about allocating some money—and perhaps more importantly, discipline—into security measures. This doesn’t just protect your investment; it can make you and your employees safer. Crime doesn’t affect everyone, but it’s not that rare, either. Here’s are four ways to keep it to a minimum.

Install Security Cameras

This is especially important for retail businesses with a lot of smaller goods, such as food, electronics, or clothing items. Security cameras in key points fulfill several security needs. They act as a deterrent to theft since people aware of the cameras will not want to be seen stealing. And if they do steal, there is now evidence that can be used for prosecution in court.

Use Deadbolts

Whether manual or electronic, a deadbolt is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized entry into a building. If you have goods or staff that you want to be protected, think about having deadbolts installed at key doors into your building.

With a good deadbolt in place, a break-in can only occur if thieves are willing to risk the time and attention of attempting to remove a door entirely. When you make it this difficult to get in, you encourage thieves to move to another target.

Install An Alarm System

If something does happen at your business, a fast response can minimize damage. If someone breaks into a facility with no alarms, they can spend literally hours there, at their leisure, to find all the high-value items they like.

With an alarm system, however, thieves will only be able to act for a few minutes. In the event they are too slow and are still there when security or the police show up, their break-in was for nothing since they are now under arrest.

Don’t Ignore Online Security

All the physical security in the world can’t help you if you don’t exercise due diligence and worry about your digital security as well. Cybercrime is on the rise for business all around the world. With the increasing reliance on digital technology to control everything from finances to storing confidential client information, a hacker seizing control of your network can be catastrophic.

Today, funds can be seized, client data can be copied and distributed, and you can even lose access to your data through “data ransom” techniques. If you’re paying attention to your physical security, don’t ignore our digital.

Make Your Business Safer

If you’re interested in making sure here in Mobile, AL is secure, protecting you, your employees, and your assets, we can help. Contact Advance Integrated Security and let us evaluate your business to find the best ways to make it safer and more secure.


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