Four Ways To Improve Condo Security

Posted on April 26th, 2019

Four Ways To Improve Condo Security

Four Ways To Improve Condo Security

If you live in a condo in Mobile, AL, in some ways, you may be safer than the resident of a home in a neighborhood. After all, a typical detached home is easily accessible to home intrusion and theft because it’s on the ground level. However, if you live on a higher floor of a condo, this is extremely unlikely to happen to you.

Condos, however, aren’t impregnable. Even if you live on the highest floor of a building in Mobile, AL, there are always to increase the ways that your building’s security is maintained, to make resident safer. Here are four ways that your condo security can be improved.

Forbid Or Scrutinize Air BnB Tenancy

This is a relatively recent concern, but it is a growing one all over the world. Air BnB is a new online service that allows property owners to turn their homes into hotels for travelers. Unfortunately, for condos, this means that a floor—or several—may play host to a constantly rotating group of strangers coming into and out of the building as homeowners try to make more money through these short-term guest-rentals. If possible, you can dramatically increase security in a building by restricting Air BnB usage, or else by closely monitoring it.

Remote Package Handling

More and more people are ordering things online, which mean more deliver/courier staff are coming to buildings. One quick way to ensure security is to create a “package room” where deliveries can be dropped off. Leaving packages in the main area is unsightly, and allowing delivery personnel to roam the building is unsafe.

But having a designated area means that delivery traffic is more controlled, and packages themselves are safer since they are now stored in a specific room. This is safer and more convenient for everyone.

Security Reception

This is always an important addition. When you have security personnel, at a desk, monitoring the entrance and exits of people, especially visitors, this is a great mechanism. Having that staff also adhere to a policy of visitors signing in and out is important for tracking, and can sometimes even be crucial for an investigation, if a crime occurs on the grounds, or simply providing assistance, or calling for a police/EMS response when required.

Security Cameras

A final, important addition is a properly implemented security camera system. Entrances, exits, common areas, and parking spaces should all be given proper coverage by a surveillance camera system. By having surveillance cameras with good, clear views, constantly monitoring areas, this provides a big deterrence, especially for theft, scams, and other types of crime.

Security cameras mean that a location is much more difficult to successfully commit a crime in since it is now easier to identify suspects and admit the footage as evidence in the event of a prosecution. It encourages thieves to move on and find an easier location.

Condos can be a very convenient and safe place for people to live in Mobile, AL, but there are ways for these properties to increase their security, and make sure that the residents have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are well protected when they’re at home.

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