Make The Most Of Your Security Alarm

Posted on July 24th, 2019

Make The Most Of Your Security Alarm

Make The Most Of Your Security Alarm

Businesses have many reasons to buy a security alarm.  Retail stores have a lot of valuable products a burglar could easily steal, restaurants can have expensive ingredients and kitchen equipment, offices have computers full of costly components and trade secrets, and factories and warehouses both have giant stacks of goods sitting around.  A security alarm can deter burglars, give them less time to steal things, and make them easier to catch.

However, not every security alarm is equal.  Some only give you basic features like sensors that notice when a door opens while the system is armed or set shatter sensors next to windows in case someone breaks them.  However, a modern security alarm can come with other features that a business owner can find useful, so you should consider what other features you might want to get when adding or upgrading an alarm system.

Customizable Delay

Most security alarms have a delay, a grace period that gives you or your employee time to get from the door to the security panel to disarm the system before it goes off.  This delay is necessary for avoiding false alarms, but it also gives burglars more time to either grab things and escape or bypass the system before it can activate.  An alarm with a customizable delay lets you shorten this delay to the smallest reasonable time, or you can turn off the delay completely if you can disarm the system remotely.

Panic Mode

An alarm with a panic mode lets your employees set it off immediately by pushing a button or typing in the right code.  Most banks have alarm systems with this feature, and they come with a silent alarm feature that alerts the authorities without setting off any alarm bells in the building.  This makes it much easier to send for help if something very bad happens during working hours.

Simple Interface

A security alarm won’t catch anyone or stop any burglar if you and your employees never remember to turn it on.  That’s why it’s important to train your employees so they know how to set and disarm the alarm, at least if they’re in charge of opening or closing the business each day.  It also helps to have a security alarm with an easy-to-learn interface that anyone can understand in a few minutes.  After all, if the security code and software encryption are too tough to crack, the interface can be as simple as you like.

A good alarm system should be a cornerstone of every business’s security measures.  The alarm helps keep your building and your assets safe while your company is closed and everyone’s away, and it can bring the police running if you can set off a panic mode.  Be sure to keep your system up to date to stay ahead of the professional burglars, and don’t forget to train your employees to make sure they know how to use it.  If you want to learn more about what modern security systems can do, you can contact Advanced Integrated Security for more details.

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