Signs You May Have a Shoplifter in Your Midst

Posted on October 4th, 2019

Signs You May Have a Shoplifter in Your Midst

Signs You May Have a Shoplifter in Your Midst

Did you know that around $35 million worth of inventory is stolen from businesses and only a small fraction of those shoplifters are actually caught and prosecuted? For business owners, theft can definitely be detrimental to the success of their business.

So, as an owner, it is important to become proactive about the security of your business and finding ways to prevent shoplifters from stealing your inventory.

To do this, you need to understand the signs showing you that you may have a shoplifter in your midst. Below, you will find a few of the signs to watch for and find out how you can better identify shoplifters.

Traveling in Large Groups

Many shoplifters choose to work in larger groups. So, if you see a larger group of people enter your business at the same time while causing a disturbance, you need to be on your toes. This is a tactic often used by shoplifters as a way to distract the employees while the others in the group go ahead and steal merchandise.


You may find that a shoplifter will loiter inside or outside of the property for a good amount of time. If you notice this or any other kind of suspicious behavior, then it may be a good idea to confront them and see if they require any assistance. A shoplifter wants to go unnoticed, so when you choose to ask if they need help, you are making it harder for them to do that.

Nervous Behavior

If you come in contact with someone that is displaying nervous behavior, then they may be a shoplifter. If you notice them pacing or picking up random objects that don't really interest them, these are all signs you may need to keep a closer eye on them.

Baggy Clothing and Bags

You should never overlook the clothing of your customers either. If they are wearing oversized or baggy clothing or they are carrying around larger bags, then they may be using these articles to hide merchandise. This is especially true if they are wearing a larger coat during warmer weather. You should also watch how they walk. If they take shorter and slower steps, it may be them concealing the merchandise.

Leaving Fitting Rooms

If they enter a fitting room with a specific number of clothing items, then they should leave the room with the same number. Fitting rooms make a great cover for shoplifters because they can hide the items without being seen. So, you need to always be aware of what people are taking in and what comes out.

Prevention Tips

To further prevent shoplifting, make sure to train all your employees, so they know what to look for and what to do. You should also have a certain protocol in place, so you know exactly what steps to take once you discover the shoplifter.

Finally, ensure your store has an open and organized layout so it is easy to see what is going on and install a surveillance system to help deter shoplifters.

For more information on surveillance systems and other shoplifting prevention tips, contact Advanced Integrated Security today.

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