When Is Your Home Most Vulnerable?

Posted on April 2nd, 2019

When Is Your Home Most Vulnerable?

When Is Your Home Most Vulnerable?

Many people assume that most home burglaries happen at nighttime or during evening hours when the homeowners are sleeping or away from the home. However, most home burglaries in the United States actually occur during daytime hours.

Why Daytime?

People's homes are vulnerable during daytime hours because most homes are vacant during the day while the homeowners are away running errands or working. The percentage of daytime burglaries today is a staggering 60% while back in 1961, it was a mere 15% because most women had not yet entered the workforce; therefore, they were home during the day.

Daytime is the ideal time for a burglar to target a large and vacant home. There are often few people around the home to take notice as well which makes entering the home even easier to accomplish. When a burglar chooses the nighttime hours to enter a home, they have to be very quiet and make as little noise as possible, so they don't draw any attention to what they are doing.

Preventing Daytime Burglaries

While most of your days during the week may be spent at work and away from the home in Mobile, there are still things you can do to create the illusion that someone is occupying the residence. For example, leaving the television or radio on during the day makes it harder for the burglar to determine if you are home or not.

You should also always park your car in the garage. If you park it in the driveway, the burglar may take notice and will visit the home when your car is not there. However, if you consistently park in the garage, they won't know either way.

Other Ways to Protect the Home

In addition to the above preventative measures, there are other things you can do as well to protect your home and property in Mobile. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a security system. Having cameras is also a great deterrent for would-be criminals.

You can place your cameras in strategic locations that cover each point of entry of the home. There are also other security system features you can get like motion detectors. You should also make sure that you never hide your spare key outdoors because most burglars will be able to locate it very easily. You can instead consider giving your spare key to a very trusted neighbor or close relative nearby.

Finally, you should strengthen any weak points there may be around the home. Some of the most overlooked areas when taking care of your home security are the garage door and pet door you may have.

Keeping your shrubs trimmed and your tools and other equipment safely locked away in your shed or garage are a couple other ways you can protect your home and take the bullseye off your property in Mobile, AL.

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