Anyone Can Be Protected By Smart Security

Posted on September 6th, 2019

Anyone Can Be Protected By Smart Security

Anyone Can Be Protected By Smart Security

Today’s security technology is cheaper, faster, easier, and more comprehensive than the security systems of the 20th century. In the past, protecting a property, especially with something like surveillance or CCTV cameras, was something only big wealthy corporations could afford. 

Today, however, even someone living in an apartment or condo can install a security camera into a doorbell! These modern forms of security are known as “smart technology” and can be part of a smart home concept, or operate by itself. But why would you want to use smart security for your property?

It’s Affordable

Most people love the idea of having a more secure home or business, but in the past, it’s always been the prohibitive cost. Not so today. While it’s true that you still get what you pay for, the minimum standards for quality security have become more accessible for both home and business owners.

A complete surveillance camera system, for example, used to require building an entire security room, complete with a bank of dedicated monitors, as well as cabling and mounts for all the security cameras required. Today’s systems are wireless and can show individual feeds on a single screen on a computer, laptop, or even a phone.

It’s Accessible    

One of the biggest advantages smart security brings with it is how easy it is to use this technology and take advantage of it. If you’re not good with keys or memorizing long, numeric codes, smart security has different options, such as biometrics like your fingerprint, or face, meaning you’ll never have to worry about losing a “key” again, since you’re it.

But it can also mean you have access and control of your system even when you’re not at home. A security camera system, for example, can make all of the footage available for viewing online. So if you’re expecting a package that day, and have a camera at your door, you can pull out your phone and consult the wireless image of your door cam to see if the package has arrived or not, even from work.

It Saves You Money

Another happy bonus with smart security is that it can help you be smart with your finances as well. An immediate financial perk is that with the right security installed and recognized by certain insurance companies, you may end up paying lower premiums per month on home insurance. This is because insurance companies reward caution with better pricing since you’re taking active steps to reduce risks to your home.

Another way you can save money, however, is with lower energy bills. Smart security, if it’s part of a smart home system, can help you to do things like remotely control the temperature settings in your home. Thermostat and lighting control can all be accessed through smart systems now, meaning that you can pay lower energy and electrical bills by micromanaging your home’s energy usage even when you’re not there.

If you’d like to know more about how a smart security system can protect your home or business, we can help. Contact Advanced Integrated Security and ask us about smart security options for you. 

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