How Harnessing The Power Of AI Can Improve Security Communications

Posted on March 20th, 2019

How Harnessing The Power Of AI Can Improve Security Communications

How Harnessing The Power Of AI Can Improve Security Communications

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is helping advance the security industry in many ways. It is improving site monitoring, aiding in incident detection, and supporting fast and effective responses. One of the most important ways it is helping security professionals in Mobile is through improved communication. AI technology can help streamline communication across all security platforms and between security professionals, staff, and even first responders.

How AI Works To Support Communications

Communication in the security industry is vital to success. Security professionals being able to effectively communicate among themselves, with staff and guests, and the authorities makes a huge difference in how a threat escalates. AI uses large data sets and complex algorithms to identify patterns and develop fast responses. Applied to communication, this technology can automate communications, increase the speed of communications, and determine what is worth communicating.

Integrating AI With Your Security Communications Workflow

As AI communication technology advances, there will be multiple ways to integrate it into your current security workflow. AI will be able to listen to and answer commands and questions from security staff. It will help provide reports and information to support accurate decision making. It will even be able to determine when a false report is made, so security professionals only focus on real threats. A lot of this technology is still in the developmental stages but there are a few things you can start integrating now.

AI Supports Language Interpretation

Understanding spoken language is more than just simply recording and relaying the information. AI can also disseminate when a threat needs immediate response and will automatically contact authorities. Furthermore, AI can help with identifying different people to provide more secure entry access. It can even detect nervousness in the tone of voice and other unusual vocal qualities that could signal an emergency situation. All of this will empower security professionals to respond quickly to any type of incident.

Utilizing Smart Translation

Threats are not just reported by native English speakers in Mobile. Many reports come from people whose English is limited. In these cases, AI can quickly and accurately translate the report from their native language to English. This can be really helpful for security professionals who need to have a full picture of the details of the incident. AI will also simplify the reporting process by allowing victims and witnesses to simply use the translation device to make a report that is instantly understand by security professionals.

Though most of the broad use of AI communications technology is still a ways away, it’s good to start planning to implement these technologies. Learning about how AI can and will streamline communication can help you design your security workflow to adapt. This will enable your security team to provide the best security for your Mobile company. The best part about AI is the more we utilize the technology, the more it learns, and the better the processes become. So the sooner you start planning for the implementation of AI, the better the system will work. 

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