Security Systems Get Old Too

Posted on September 12th, 2019

Security Systems Get Old Too

Security Systems Get Old Too

Having any home or business protected by a security system is important. Properly deployed, a visible, effective security system can prevent crimes from happening at all by warning criminals not to even try, for risk of getting caught. Moreover, for criminals that do follow-through, a good security system preserves evidence that police can use for an easier investigation, arrest, and even prosecution in court using that security system evidence.

But just because you had a security system installed, it doesn’t mean you are “one and done.” As with any technology, such as our cars or power tools, security system technology keeps advancing. And older security systems can prove to be less effective than more modern solutions.

The 5 Year Plan

On average, it’s recommended to look at a possible upgrade to a security system after five years of service. There are a few reasons for this, and the general quality or reliability of the equipment is not necessarily always the biggest determining factor.

This applies to all forms of security, whether it is the alarms on doors or windows or the camera surveillance system that is monitoring a business, such as a retail outlet. Some owners make the serious mistake of thinking that as long as something continues to work, there’s no reason to change it out. A much older camera surveillance system for example that still uses analog CCTV and records images on VHS tape is years behind the curve, and not particularly useful to police compared to the sharper, color high definition cameras of today that provide much more detailed images.

Things Wear Out

Of course, the physical condition of a security system can play a role in needing an upgrade. This is especially true for outdoor systems. When a camera works day in, day out, exposed to scorching summer temperatures, humidity, sub-zero temperatures, snow, rain, wind, dust and all other types of contaminants, this will wear down the condition of the system.

Security systems aren’t indestructible. Given enough time and the natural effects of weathering, performance can eventually suffer. If you’ve got an old security system that you’ve never serviced or maintained, you’ve probably experienced steady drops in efficiency.

Digital Security Matters

Another reason to make sure you upgrade your security system, especially after five years, is if the system you’re using is digital, wireless, and has been discontinued. Firmware updates for current security systems are often necessary to defeat new exploits found in the software that may allow outsiders to break into the system and seize control.

When you have a security system that is wireless but is no longer being supported by your company, this means it is vulnerable. If an exploit is found after the system has been discontinued, nothing is protecting your system from outside intrusion. If you find out your system is no longer receiving firmware updates to protect it, think about an upgrade.

Security technology is always on the move and improving. If you want to know more about staying relevant and supported, contact Advanced Integrated Security. We can help keep you current and protected.

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