Should Your Security System Be Monitored

Posted on February 28th, 2020

Should Your Security System Be Monitored

Should Your Security System Be Monitored

A security system for a home or business Mobile, AL can mean more peace of mind for you and, perhaps more importantly, more deterrence and crime prevention. After all, one of the best ways to fight crime is to stop criminals from thinking that your property is worth invading to commit criminal activity.

In this regard, security systems in Mobile, AL, have proven that they can discourage criminals. But that doesn’t mean you can put up a sign for an alarm system or install a fake camera with a light and call it a day. A working security system is far more effective, and in some cases, monitoring can be the difference between a crime being committed and one that is stopped in time.

What Is Monitoring?

Monitoring is a service that some security firms provide that keeps an eye on and responds to possible events with your security system. Monitoring takes different forms when a security company professionally handles it.

One thing people do not have to worry about with monitoring if they don’t want to is privacy. For example, monitoring home security, cameras placed inside a home does not necessarily mean that someone is viewing those cameras and watching in-home activity. It may mean that a professional only respond to actual alerts and notifications. So, if a motion detector outside is set off with a monitored system, someone on monitor duty may respond to confirm it was just an animal in the backyard, or someone invading the property who is scouting for an entry point.

Active Monitoring

However, if a home or business does want someone actually to supervise security footage, this is something that monitoring can also do. For a special event at a business for example, staff can actively monitor security camera footage for safety reasons or, in the case of a contest, to ensure cheating isn’t occurring.

Active monitoring occurs only on request. The security channels that will be monitored can be designated, so customers do exercise control over what is watched and what isn’t.

Why This Helps

With 60% of burglaries occurring during the daytime when people aren’t at home, monitoring is a good way to ensure that when deterrence fails, a response is there. If a home or business doesn’t have a monitoring system in place, this can mean that early warnings can go ignored until something catastrophic happens like an actual break-in.

With a monitored system that is responding not just to full-blown alarms, but notifications as well, you get a much more accurate picture of what is happening around your property. Motion detectors send out notifications all the time, but there’s a big difference between raccoons breaking into a yard, and a thief scouting the area looking for doors or windows to open. A monitored alarm can give you a more comprehensive system that verifies false alarms from real threats.

If you’d like to know more about monitored systems in Mobile, AL, we can help. Contact Advanced Integrated Security to find out more about whether a monitored system is right for your property.


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