Tips To Stop Thieves From Tampering with Security Cameras

June 27th, 2024

Surveillance systems are an integral part of giving yourself peace of mind and making sure that you and your loved ones are safe and protected throughout the year. But while the right security cameras are a key part of keeping your property safe, it’s also important that they are maintained and working properly.

A big issue here is the fact that vandals and other criminals will often destroy or tamper with your cameras. As such, it’s worth remembering a few tips that can help you stop thieves from tampering with your cameras.

Invest In Vandal Proof Cameras
Modern cameras include tamper resistant designs that make them much harder for vandals to damage the camera itself. The investment in these cameras means that you’re able to install the system and enjoy the peace of mind that it comes with.  

Team Up With Neighbors
Your community is made up of other families just like you, and they all have one thing in common – they want to keep their loved ones safe. That’s why it’s worth talking to your neighbors to create a localized network of security cameras and systems. When you and your neighbors are teamed up keeping your home safe, you increase the overall level of satisfaction that everyone in the community has.

Place Cameras At Higher Heights
This one is so simple that most don’t even think about it. But the fact is that if you install your cameras at a height that is above the reach of most normal criminals, it’s harder for them to reach the cameras and harder for them to damage them as well.

Hide Cameras      
Criminals can’t hurt your cameras if they don’t know where they are. Take the time to consider hiding your cameras so that they are more difficult to spot. The downside here is that cameras that are visible often make it more likely that a potential criminal will change their mind about breaking into our property. As such, it may be worth installing some false of ‘dummy’ cameras around the property in noticeable locations, then place cameras where criminals can’t spot them. This gives you the protection your real cameras need, but also reduce the risk that your expensive cameras will be damaged.

Invest In Housing Protection
If you lack cameras that are tamper resistant or you still need additional protection, it’s important that you don’t ignore housing protection. These special cases enclose your camera entirely. They’ll protect it from the weather, debris, and any kind of tampering that potential thieves may try.

Protect Your Investment
Your security camera system is a major investment, one that can help keep your property in and your family safe from harm. As such, it’s vital that you make sure those cameras are in the best working order possible and that they are able to keep you safe. The options above can all help you get a better camera setup and reduce the risk of cameras being damaged on a regular basis by criminals, vandals, and even the weather.

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