5 Mistakes That Put the Security of Your Home at Risk

August 2nd, 2023

The home security options we choose are important. Home security isn't something you can just jump into without doing some research and determining exactly what it is your property, and home need to be safe and protected.

So, today, we will be going over 5 mistakes that put the security of your home at risk.

Knowing what to avoid can put you in a much better position in the future as you secure your home and protect your family.

Leaving the Garage Door Open

More people than you may realize leave their garage door open or, in the very least, unlocked and unsecured. The garage should be kept locked at all times, or it can prove to be a perfect hassle-free entry to the home for a burglar. They can also hide in the garage until you leave the home and then can enter the home unnoticed.

Thinking Daytime is Safe

Lots of people also think that they will be safe during the daytime because burglars only really strike at night. This is far from true. While darkness offers the burglar a way to hide, many of them prefer to strike on an empty home.

So, they will target a home when they know everyone is going to be at work or school during the day. Before leaving home, always turn the alarm on and shut and lock all doors and windows.

Depending on a Dog

If you are a homeowner who is depending on their dog for home security, then you may want to rethink your home security plan. Dogs are often very friendly animals, and when a treat is presented, can be easily swayed.

You should instead rely on a high-quality home security system because unless trained extensively to be a guard dog, they may not always be as effective as you think.

Dimming Outdoor Lights

Having outdoor lighting is a good way to deter criminals from coming onto the property because it casts light on some hiding spots they may otherwise use. However, to save on electric costs, some homeowners turn off or dim the outside lights when they are home. Dimmed lights cause shadows and can still provide a burglar with some cover.

Over Dependence on Gadgets

Some homeowners love their gadgets and want to make sure to acquire all the latest and recently released security tech gadgets to use in the home. However, if you fail to maintain these gadgets and follow through with the regular updates, then it may just be a waste of money on your part.

Also, in addition to gadgets, we still need to be aware of what is happening at the home. We can't let our dependence on these gadgets lull us into thinking our homes are fully protected when we still need human cooperation and more carefulness on our part.

For more information on how you can better protect your home and avoid making these amateur mistakes, then contact your local security company today. They can help you identify vulnerabilities on your property and can suggest the best home security systems for your needs.


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