Are You Ready To Hit The Slopes This Winter?

September 30th, 2020

Yes, COVID-19 remains troublesome in the United States today. The novel coronavirus has hit other countries hard as well. Regardless if there is a healthcare crisis or not, many Americans are tired of being stuck inside their homes. With wintertime fast approaching, it should come as no surprise when vacationers start heading to states with snow to hit the slopes. They want to ski, snowboard, and have fun.

Who can blame them, really? Hopefully, when they get out and about, they do so safely. Individuals, families, and couples should wear masks, practice social distancing, and frequently wash their hands. Heck, they may even want to rent RVs to keep to themselves and stay away from hotels that could have infected guests or staff. That is enough about the pandemic.

The remaining sections will focus on several ways people can safeguard their houses while they are gone. Doing nothing at all can prove to be a recipe for disaster. Folks could return home only to find their places broken into and vandalized. Of course, there will probably be valuables missing as well. Hence, homeowners will find it in their best interest to heed this advice. Hopefully, it will help them keep intruders at bay.

Don't Forget To Lock Your Doors And Windows

Everybody reading this piece is probably thinking, well, yeah, duh, we need to lock doors and windows. It is still an important tip to pass along, though, because most burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows. A lot is going on when people plan trips, and the thought of checking the devices can easily slip their minds. After all, they are packing, ordering rental cars, scheduling flights, and making reservations. Please don't forget to double-check your house's locks before you leave, and maybe, just maybe, your place won't get broken into while you are doing your thing.


Get A Centrally Monitored Burglar Alarm

Before homeowners take off to hit the slopes, they might want to contact an organization to get a centrally monitored burglar alarm installed. In layman's terms, centrally monitored just means that the house is monitored off-site. Intrusion alarms sometimes deter thieves. They know that they may get caught in the act if they break-in and don't take off before the cops show up. Some systems even feature smoke alarms that alert fire stations to problems. Keep your place safe while you're vacationing with a centrally monitored burglar alarm.

Cut Back On Social Media Use

Almost everybody has Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts these days. Users love sharing all sorts of things on them, including where they are and their doing. There's not necessarily anything wrong with posting about the trip. However, vacationers may want to wait until after they return home before doing so. If they partake in the activity while they are gone, who knows whom they are broadcasting to. There could be burglars within their friends' lists that wait around for people to slip up. Then, they break-in and steal everything but the kitchen sinks.

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