How To Keep Your Event Secure And Safe

August 18th, 2023

If you’re hosting an event, aside from the decorations, food, and entertainment, the safety of the venue is important as well. That’s why you need to have proper security measures in place, whether they involve a system or people on the ground. 

Here are some tips to help you protect the guests in your event: 

Assess The Venue

For security purposes, check the venue inside and out. Identify all entry points and ensure that your staff is aware of all of them. If the venue is outdoors, establish boundaries around the perimeter. You can do this by installing temporary fencing and barricades. 

Identify High-Risk Guests

Do you have guests who may be a risk to the event? Although it’s challenging to do a background check on every person attending your event, it’s essential to identify potential risks. For example, if you will have a controversial guest speaker, be prepared for the possibility of protests or attendees who may cause a scene.

Practice Crowd Control

When you are expecting a huge crowd, there’s an equally huge chance that something may go wrong. This is why you need an excellent security system in place. Your staff members also have to be comfortable in managing large groups and exerting authority when necessary. Therefore, make sure you employ a reputable security team that can help guarantee that the crowd will be under control no matter what happens. 

Keep Security Measures Visible

The goal of security events is to prevent threats from happening, therefore it’s vital that event goers can see the security measures you’ve put in place. The reason why it’s not a good idea to have a security team go undercover is that the event may appear less secured, which could provoke agitators to cause a scene. Make sure your security team and equipment can be detected easily as this will make all of the attendees feel safer. 

Have Checkpoints

An excellent way to protect people from any kind of security threat at any event is to create checkpoints that are away from the event that all attendees need to pass through to gain entry. That way, potential agitators can be confronted by security personnel long before they can cause any damage.

Have An Emergency Plan

Sit with your security team at the venue prior to the event to create an emergency response plan. This will come in hand should a disaster happen. It includes ways to evacuate the big event, if there is an active shooter – what you should do, safe room or area locations, places where staff should meet during an emergency, how to communicate with staff, etc.

A successful event takes a lot of work. It’s not only about how it’s going to look like, who the speakers or performers will be, or how many people you are going to invite. Security plays a significant role too, and it is vital to the success of your event.

 It’s essential to be prepared when you’re hosting an event. See to it that you invest in quality security systems and people that will help protect your event, staff, and guests. Contact us today to find the right security solutions for your next event.

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