The Three Types Of Security

August 31st, 2023

It’s not unusual for people and businesses to be worried about personal safety and, of course, health. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the notion that no one is safe from the virus regardless of position. As a result, many safety precautions have been taken to protect people, such as the growing of Work From Home policies.

But while health is a big focus there are other forms of safety for home and business owners to be concerned about, such as security. Properties are vulnerable to security in different ways, and each need must be addressed adequately to provide reliable protection. Here are the three types of security that people need to consider.

Home Security

While many people are spending more time at home, that reduces but does not eliminate, the threat of crime. Homes primarily face external security threats. It’s usually thieves looking to steal valuables from the house itself or, if available, goods in a garage, that are the most significant risk.

This means that the primary focus of a home is deterring external threats. The presence of exterior security cameras or alarms that go off with unauthorized entry through doors or windows is the primary means of securing a residential property. Access control can be applied to doors, such as numeric keypads or biometrics, to dissuade conventional lock picking from gaining entry for added security and information.

Commercial Security

On the other hand, businesses, especially those in the retail sector, may be more concerned with internal security. For many retail operations, allowing people into a property is made as easy and welcoming as possible. The issues come from preventing goods from being stolen inside and then carried out of the property. Another concern is theft of goods or even assault or robbery of customers or employees once off the commercial property, such as in the parking lot.

Commercial security can utilize some of the same home security principles, such as surveillance cameras and alarms. However, there are also specialized retail mechanisms, such as RFID “tags” that can be attached to the merchandise. These tags emit a radio signal detected by gates set up a the entrance to a property. If an item is taken from the store without the tag being removed, it triggers an alarm once it passes the gates.

Digital Security

One of the most critical types of security in the 20s is digital security. Computers store sensitive data that may need to be protected. Computers are now built into a variety of devices to make the environment more convenient. Baby monitors with cameras, microphones and speakers, house lights, and even locks are controlled digitally now.

Without proper digital security, sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and social security information can be viewed. Even digital mechanisms such as baby monitors and lights can be accessed and controlled.

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