Where To Hide Your Hidden Home Security Cameras

August 28th, 2023

Visible security cameras are a powerful deterrent to criminals. When they see a security camera, they know their risk of getting caught just went up exponentially. So oftentimes, they will skip over your house and look for one without a security camera system. However, there are many benefits to also adding hidden security cameras around your home if they are placed strategically.


Why Do You Need Hidden Security Cameras?


The threats to our homes are not just from unnamed criminals looking to break in. Threats can also come from people that we trust. In those cases, a hidden camera can be really helpful to keep your home secure. For example, with a hidden camera, you can keep an eye on your babysitters to make sure they are properly caring for your children. You can monitor contractors that you hired for home renovations to make sure they aren’t wasting your money. Essentially, you can check in when things seem suspicious without being intrusive and just make sure everyone is safe and doing what they are supposed to be doing.


Where Should I Hide My Hidden Cameras?


Hiding your hidden cameras requires a bit of strategy. A professional security expert can help you determine where the best places are around your home. However, here are some ideas to help you get started mapping out your hidden security camera system. Hidden cameras are small so they can fit easily into:


  • Window Dressings: Window dressings are ideal for hiding security cameras. This is especially true if you hide them in a curtain rod. They are up high, so they can provide a good view of an entire room.
  • Books: Book shelves are also a great place to hide a security camera. They can be strategically placed high on the shelf for a good view. Also, they are not very likely to be disturbed as very few people go through your books.
  • Light Switches: There are models of security cameras that can hide right in your light switch. This is another great location because light switches are found in every room. No one will suspect there’s a hidden camera.
  • Smoke Detector: Another great option is a smoke detector. People never mess with smoke detectors and they are high so you can get a good view. You can even use a dummy smoke detector if you do not have one in the room you want to monitor. Only use a dummy if you have other operational smoke detectors in your home.


These are just some ideas of where you can hide your security cameras. To get more, you should contact home security professionals.


Working With A Home Security Professional


Hidden security cameras can help protect your home. However, they require specialized knowledge to ensure they are truly hidden and work when you need them. If you are considering installing hidden cameras, call your local home security expert. They’ll work with you to ensure that your home is fully protected.

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