Avoiding Common Surveillance Mistakes

December 25th, 2023

Surveillance only works if it works. , home or business owners cannot expect to get the most out of their investment if they’re making common mistakes that render their surveillance footage useless. By avoiding common surveillance mistakes, you can rest assured that you’re getting everything you’ve ever wanted out of your surveillance investment.

The 4 Top Surveillance Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are many different mistakes property owners make when it comes to their surveillance. However, focusing on the top 4 covers all of the bases necessary to leave you feeling confident in your property surveillance use. The top 4 surveillance mistakes and how to avoid them are:

1. Non-functioning cameras – If your camera isn’t functioning properly, it’s simply not working. You won’t catch footage when you need it, and you’re leaving yourself in a position where you’re no safer than you were before. If criminals know your cameras are non-functional, this can be exploited by entering or committing acts where they know just the non-functioning cameras exist.

The best way to avoid this mistake is simply to perform checkups on your cameras. If you find that one is broken or not functioning correctly in any way, repair or replace the camera promptly.

2. DVR not recording – Perhaps your camera is working to capture footage, but where will this footage go if your DVR storage isn’t working? For some cameras, a power outage will require DVR to be reset in order for the camera to record footage.

To avoid this common mistake, always make sure the DVR function on your surveillance camera is working properly, and this rings particularly true after any time when power may have been lost to your security system.

3. All components not plugged in – Security cameras and surveillance systems may have several components that need to be plugged into a power source or plugged into each other. If one of these components isn’t hooked up properly to the rest, it could stop your surveillance system from picking up the footage you need.

Instead of simply trusting everything is plugged in and working properly, check all connections and components in your security system regularly.

4. Watch your video – Without high-resolution imaging, your footage may not have much benefit to you. When you purchase a security system installation, make sure to watch the footage and take note of the resolution you see. Additionally, improper placement may also result in poor footage, and your cameras may need to be moved or adjusted after installation.

Always watch your video or photo footage and make sure you’re satisfied with the quality, resolution, position, and detail.

Avoid Mistakes For The Surveillance You Want

What most people want out of their surveillance system is simple – they want safety, peace of mind, and the knowledge that they’re protected. By avoiding common mistakes made in surveillance system use and set up, you can feel confident about your decision to install a surveillance system in , and what that system brings to you.

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